Important Persons

 Alexander Fleming







Alexander Fleming (born Aug.6, 1881, died March 11, 1955)- Scottish bacteriologist and medical doctor, winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine, discoverer of lysozyme and penicillin (more photographs in Photo gallery).










Witold Kiczka (born April 21, died Oct. 29, 2006) – medical doctor, teacher, academic, professor of medicine, long-time cooperator with  Nika HP company, founder of research on the lysozyme dimer and of the clinical grounds for its use.










Czesław Janicki (born July 19, 1926, died Dec. 29, 2012) – scientist and academic, geneticist, professor of agricultural sciences, member of parliament, vice prime minister and minister of agriculture in the government of Tadeusz Mazowiecki (1989-1990), long-time proxy in the board of Nika HP, cofounder of the market success of Lydium-KLP. (Photo gallery).

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Barbara Piasecka Johnson(born Feb.25,1937, died April 1, 2013) – art historian, philantropist, art collectioner, founder of the Johnson Foundation, which sponsors studies of Polish scientists and students in the USA, main patron of preclinical and clinical research on lysozyme dimer.