The idea
behind the company

The idea behind the company is enclosed in the name of the company. The word Nika (Νίκα) means in Greek “win” or “go forward”. In Nika company it can be interpreted as a continuous drive to learn more  about  natural immunity and  the fight against infections and, in particular, to present the results of research on the properties and the activity of the dimerized lysozyme. The lysozyme, the basic factor of immunity in all living organisms, was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1922.





In 1972, at the 50-th anniversary of that event, in New York, during an international conference on the lysozyme, Lady Amalia Fleming (Alexander Fleming’s widow) gave a speech, in which she recalled how much her husband believed in the opportunities the enzyme offered and how persistent he was in saying: “We shall hear more about lysozyme”.
Sir Alexander Fleming with wife Amalia at the airport in London (1955).