Remedia Veterinaria

At the end of 2010 several structural and ownership changes occurred in the Nika Health Products company. As a result the compamy  gained full legal and financial independence from its parent company Nika Health Products Inc. located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

At present the company is an autonomic entity in a group of medical ,pharmaceutical and veterinary companies called Remedia Veterinaria, established in 1995.
The group’s main goals are:

  • research, production and implementation of veterinary  medications
  • monitoring of side effects
  • court representation in law suits
  • medical and veterinary consultations
  • organization of trainings (e-learning), meetings and conferences
  • providing opinions about products and preparing offers of medical and non-medical veterinary products
  • marketing and advertisement of medical veterinary products
  • translation of medical texts
  • publication of research papers
  • collecting opinions and surveys
  • printing and electronic publishing of advertising materials
  • online advertisement
  • providing technical assistance in the organization of exhibitions and fairs